a Studded Handbag. Burberry style.

Sep 12, 2012

 That place in snobville Southpark mall that I feel almost embarrassed about entering.
 The sales associates know that I, in my ae DIY cut-offs + f21 accessories, don't belong there.
They are always polite and nice, but its that...please-don't-touch-anything-because-you-can't-afford-a single-sock-in-here nice. 

I don't blame them really.
Especially when they see my cracker-encrusted tot squealing and touching everything.

Well,  my friend and I have braved it anyways to solely drool over their classic boots and trenches. It is important to drool over good designs, my dears. I very often gather inspiration from upscale shops in order to put together more affordable look-alike outfits elsewhere. 

...& that is why the DIY part of my brain started plotting when I saw Burberry's new line of studded accessories...

the supplies:

old handbag
  (I took off the old straps a long time ago...that's why you don't see them, fyi:)
chain (etsy)
flat-back studs (etsy)
tough glue (any craft store)

the steps

1. remove the old straps from the handbag + attach the chain 
(you will need jewelry tools or pliers in order to open and close the links)
2. begin studding! 

There you have it.
It's a Burberry inspired studded handbag.
Simple, clean and chic.

I plan on bringing it with me to the Charlotte International Fashion Week runway show I am attending this Friday night.
This will be the first year (ever) that I am taking part in any Fashion Week event.
Excited is an understatement.


Heck yes I will be sharing the whole experience with you.

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  1. great job! it looks awesome.


  2. Gorgeous. PS: I've made it my goal to act like a belong in ANY store I walk in, regardless of anything. They're the ones in the service industry--not me! And as a person, and a citizen of the U.S., my child and I are welcome to go wherever we please. So there, Nordstrom!

  3. Way to take it and make it your own! Hope you rock this bag in future posts :) Can I just say WOW on the fashion week opportunity! Your creative juices will be on overload, can't wait to see how it goes. Have fun Camille!


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