Well, I guess this is goodbye.

May 27, 2014

I feel a tad bit silly posting this, because...thereareabajillionblogs...
and who cares that this particular one is shutting down, Cams.
Still. I'm blogging about it anyways. 
I feel like this little space has been such a big part of me since I started it about three years ago.
I want to give it a proper goodbye.
This is my closure.

It has been on my mind and heart for a while now that maaaybe blogging isn't really for me anymore.
It has been a love/hate (more so on the hate, I have to say) relationship since before Anthony was born, as fun as it has been in the past...and as much as it has taught me over the years. I'll never ever regret spending the time that I did on it.
That said, I know that I shouldn't be spending any more time and energy here.
It almost feels as if my time and energy are being misplaced.
I really think that I could be doing something so much bigger (for me anyways), something that makes me feel more productive and genuinely happy. The blog does make me feel "happy", but it's almost a fake/put-on happiness, if that makes sense. I plod along with it, because it makes me feel like I'm "not just a mom", which is totally bs. 
Being a mom is enough. It totally is.

I've been re-reading these on the regular recently, to remind me that it's okay to let this go...
*cue Frozen soundtrack*

as well as these...

They speak to me, because I tend to feel like I have to be doing something terribly constructive at all times.
I don't. Rather, being a mom is the most constructive and important thing I can be doing right now. 
I am starting to realize how important it is for me to live in this moment, the moments right now....the precious days I have with my little babies. Do I really want to look back and remember days that I slaved on blog posts that really didn't necessarily mean anything to me?...or that just left me feeling uninspired, stressed and burnt out? 
No, no I do not.

I do still have this incredible drive and passion to use the talents that seem to burn in me, but right now...I'm not sure how to use them or when to use them. What I do know is that now is not the time.
I am so SO so blessed to not have to work for a living, thanks to my amazing and hard-working husband. He makes it possible for me to stay at home with our kids and take my time exploring many different options until I land on the right type of work for me.
I can do whatever I want. I have that luxury because of the long hours that my husband works.
I do not take that for granted (well, sometimes I do...but I shouldn't!!). I also realize that few mamas are in the same position that I am. I cannot and will not forget that.

What I need to do right now is be very patient and trust that the right opportunity will come my way...if I keep my eyes and ears open...
and I need to be ready to work my bum off when it does.

Right now I'm making motherhood my main focus...
and I am totally okay with that. 

Bye bye, little blog.
You've been good to me.
I will definitely miss you from time to time.
Let's not call this a break up, rather...a conscious uncoupling.
haha. I'll be honest, I've been wanting an excuse to use that line for a bit now...so badly. ;)

A big thank you to all of my faithful followers that have read post after post over the past few years.
You rock my socks off. :) Cheers. 

psst. I may be giving up the blog, but you'll still find me on Instagram and Pinterest. Can't give those up. Haha! I still love spending time on there, sharing and chatting with all of you. I'll definitely still be posting my faves on the regular - outfits, styling ideas, home projects, etc. I'll see you over there! :)
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