Etsy Love

Aug 25, 2011

I recently found these two hair pieces on Etsy (love). One for me & one for baby girl. Photo opp!

In between Madeline teething and possible 4 month sleep regression(?) I was able to snap some pictures. Miracle! Let me just tell you.

Apparently I have a new look...tired & no make-up! Oooohhh mamahood.


  1. hi :) thank you so very much for your sweet comment. so happy you wrote me bc i found you :)
    you and your daughter are beautiful. tired and no make up looks amazing on you!!
    and i love hair pieces...adore them!!
    wishing you a wonderful day <3

  2. I love it! Her outfit is adorable!!! I love one piece knitted outfits, they are my favorite :)

  3. Hi....thanks for stopping by and visitng my little blog:) I am now following you too!
    Adorable little hair pieces and adorable little girl!
    And before I had had kids I wouldn't dare to leave the house without make-up on, unless I was going to the beach or something, now most times I leave the house without even showering....gross I know, but it's impossible sometimes!!!!

  4. I wore a similar hairpiece on my wedding day :) so cute.


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