Sunday Best

Sep 12, 2011

 One of my new favorite activities is dressing Madeline. Seriously, girl clothes are the cutest. I don't know what I would do with a boy (sorry any future sons I might have. I am sure I will eventually figure it out)!

Recently I have had to make sure to get Moo into outfits really quickly before she grows out of them. I made a mistake when she was a crinkly newborn and missed out on some really cute ones. Mostly because we never went out and she lived in onesies and footies each and every day.  Ha!

I am making a more concerted effort now (I really am!).

Do you dress up your girly?


  1. you both are BEAUTIFUL!! as well as your pretty dresses! i say you both go out to lunch and do some shopping to celebrate the awesomeness that is, girl clothes! :)
    happy monday to you!

  2. What a cute dress! You are right about boys...there are a few cute things, but you have to search! :) I'm still praying for my girl someday! haha

  3. I made that mistake in the beginning and now I have it all organized so she wears all the outfits before she outgrows them. =) I love dressing her up and taking pictures. Your little one is so adorable, makes me nostalgic for those days again. Now my daughter is 2 and a half so I still dress her up but sometimes she has other ideas, like her tie-dye t-shirt with a tutu and rain boots. Is it bad that I hope our next baby is a girl so I can do the whole adorable dress and matching headband thing again??

    Thanks for the comment! I totally agree with you. Nice to know that there are like-minded moms out there, even if I've never seen any... I've only ever seen 1 other mom breastfeeding in public and she was wearing this giant cover contraption.

  4. I absolutely love, love, love to dress up my little miss. So much fun! I sometimes wish I could do it to myself:)


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