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Oct 6, 2011

I've had the jar of baby peas in the cabinet since the Moo started eating solids. I kept pushing it back and grabbing other ones for her to try. I guess I think of it as being yucky and eww so I thought she would think the same.

Today I grabbed it and hesitated a little...should I see if she likes it? Hmmm. Nah. No, I should. She needs to at least try them, right? So...I opened them up and maybe gagged a little at how they smelled and looked. Poor baby, I was thinking.

 Patiently waiting.
Mommy thinks its gross.
Here goes nothin'...

Aaaahhh. *holds breathe*

She liked them. Not only that, she wanted more and more.

Silly mommy.


  1. Haha! Sometimes I'm surprised at what my nieces and nephews like too. My two year old niece recently drank unsweetened grapefruit juice and loved it. I can barely handle it's so bitter. And when my nephew tried Caesar salad for the first time... well, he hated it. It was at a restaurant and he spit it out then started scrapping the remainder of the dressing off his tongue. It was pretty funny though. Glad your little one liked the peas though.

  2. haha, this is too funny! My little guy loves peas as well! I hope you are having a great day. I am doing a amber teething necklace giveaway if you are interested:)

  3. so cute!!!

    what a good little eater!! I am the same way with corn casserole baby food..I don't think I ever subjected Julia to it!!

    I love the Pride and Prejudice playing!


  4. ha! so funny. my kid loved the smashed peas too...matter of fact she stills LOVES peas. crazy kid. Thanks for following ;)

  5. Hahaha! I love that she downed the peas. My youngest as loved baby food peas. Now that he can eat them whole, he won't touch them. :)


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