Baby & Sleep. HA!

Nov 16, 2011

Not that I don't like snuggling with the Moo in the wee hours of the morning, but...wait no. 
I don't like it that much and by that much I mean...I don't.
I miss those blissful nights of sleeping 5 hours straight (man, if my pre-baby, 10-hrs-a-night self could hear me now).

Moo has had  this new thing going on where she wakes up right after I drift off to sleep (rude awakening), then two hrs laters and then again two hours later.
It makes for a very grumpy mama (me).

I didn't think I would have to resort to the dreaded CIO (cry it out), but it is looking like my only hope for ever sleeping again. I have heard every possible sleep method and tons of opinions. AHH.

The fact is is that my baby is Stubborn with a capital S.
She thinks its hilarious when you come in and try to pat her bum. As if that will pass as a soother. Ha-Ha, Mama! *loud bellowing screams*
I just can't seem to get her to calm down without giving in and giving her the "nursey".

 Sometimes I really do think this in my head.
It's hard not to at 3 am with a baby that thinks it's ok to babble in your ear like it's 10 am on a Saturday (after the lovely morning coffee).

 What are your thoughts? Any luck getting your little to sleep?

 [ps. the book is hilarious...even with that F word. hehhh]


  1. I think sleep is by far what I'm going to miss most about pre-baby life. As impatient as I'm getting these last few weeks I am enjoying the sleep I do get!

  2. If you have three days to can read my crying it out post:

    Sebastian is only two weeks old but I am so tempted to do it with him (kind of kidding obvi)....I miss sleep toooooooooo

  3. co-sleeping works for us!! and i slept like .2 hours per 48 hours when john gary was a baby until we put him in the bed with us. i know the cosleeping campaigns are saying you might as well let your baby sleep with a butcher knife....but we are advocates of bebe in bed!

  4. With all 3 of my kids I let them cry it out at 4 months (because the book said they were old enough by then).


    I could be the best mommy all day long, but come night time I had to refuel.

  5. Using the CIO method does NOT make you a bad parent! If you don't get the sleep you need, then you can't be the best mother you can be, either. (At least that's true for me) It's not easy, but the sleep you'll get is so worth it. It's not like you'd abandon her anyway... she'll be fed, clean, and warm. It just takes a bit to teach them to sleep. If you'd like any more tips, encouragement, etc., please let me know! Happy to help a fellow mama! :) Good luck!

  6. thank you, EVERYONE! wonderful to get some mama advice :).

  7. I miss sleeping 10 hrs a night. But I really shouldn't complain. Jamie has been an excellent sleeper. Ever since he was about 12 weeks old he has slept about 8-9 hours a night. (to be honest I don't think we would have made it if he hadn't). Just say a prayer to your Moo's Guardian Angel to watch over her and let her rest peacefully so mommie can be her best in the morning.

  8. I'm sorry. It gets so frustrating when you are lacking on sleep. I hope it's a phase and it's over quickly!

    I am passing the Versatile Blogger Award on to you.


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