DIY: Lacey Sweetheart Ballet Flats

Feb 8, 2012

Valentine's day.
Whether you choose to love it or hate it this year,
I have a fun & affordable way to add some flirty details to your outfit.

Embellish your old ballet flats!
Transform them into Lacey Sweetheart Ballet Flats.

1. remove any old embellishments (I removed the gold bow)
2. measure the amount of lace you need to reach the sole of both sides of the shoe
3. glue the ends of the lace over
4. glue lace to shoe (starting one one side at the sole)
5. admire your work!
6. cut out two hearts from foam sheet (any size you would like)
7. glue pearl beads to heart cut-outs
8. two cute little sweethearts for your flats :)
9. glue sweetheart to lace
& you're done! 
(well, you may want to let them dry before you try to sport them ;)

Here's another option: make simple bows, glue to shoes and you've got yourself  
Lacey Bow Sweetheart Flats

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You can have two pairs of chic, lacey & feminine flats.

The total cost was seven dollars!

You've already started frantically looking for your old flats, haven't you?


  1. super cute! great job!

  2. I like the transfomation! So simple and yet so stylish :)

  3. these are stinking adorable! and at such a great price too!

  4. amazing!! another fabulous idea!!
    thank you so much for sharing <3
    hope you have a sweet weekend!

  5. That is so fun! I can think of so many flats that need some refreshing:)


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