Husband's v-neck + distressed jeans

Apr 20, 2012

It was a "not even trying day" yesterday full of uterus loathing & fudge brownies 
(catch my drift?). 

When I have days like this, I seriously don't care about what I wear or look like (obviously).
You are lucky I actually was out of my pajamas for this one.

the closet finds:

1. Walmart flower headband 
2. Husband's v-neck undershirt
3. AE distressed cropped denim
4. bare feet

& look! 
A bathed baby joined me at the end of my oh so professional photo shoot. 


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  1. I think those pictures with your husband and Madeline in the background are SO cute :)

  2. very cute!! I love the headband!! Happy Weekend!

  3. you look so adorable!
    Love that simple jeans and tshirt style. could wear it every single day :)
    xx Nora

  4. You have the perfect hair for headbands! I wear a white v-neck more often than anything!

  5. Hi there, Ms. Claire! I just nominated you on another award. Please go and check it out!

    Thanks and congratulations! :)


  6. ohh, i totally catch your drift. <3
    you look adorable in his tee. walmart and target headgear rocks!
    the photos with the mr moo in the background are SO sweet!
    wishing you a happy week and a happy uterus ;)


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