diy + design: up-cycled aztec print wedges

Jun 13, 2012

I love a good aztec print.
I also love reviving old items into something fresh + trendy.

here it goes.
This came to me in a dream.

the supplies:

-old pair of shoes (flats, wedges, pumps...just need to have a smooth surface for painting)
-nail polish (color of your choice- I chose coral)

the steps

1. outline the design with tape (anywhere you don't want paint, basically)
2. paint in the design w/ nail polish, let dry + then peal off the tape


I will now wear these more than the 0 times I have in the past four years. Yay!

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  1. oooh thanks for sharing. i definitely need to try doing this over the weekend! A new look to something old. =)

  2. What an easy DIY! You are so smart :)

  3. what a creative idea! love the pattern!

  4. ahhh! another brilliant idea.
    aztec is one of my favorite patterns right now. these are adorable! i want to try this. thank you so so much for sharing <3

    maria <3

  5. Very Clever! I have to remember this when I see shoes with potential! I imagine nail polish will last quite a while too!


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