hometown visit Re-visited.

Aug 27, 2012

MD was, in a word, amazing.
I always think trips like this will be super stressful and exhausting.
I am kind of bad with the whole pessimistic attitude thing.

Well, it wasn't at all.
It was delightful in every possible way!
I drank coffee (too much as usual) and chai tea lattes, read books (wow), had eager babysitters 24/7, had a happy baby that was thrilled to be entertained at all times & last but not least, MUSIC and laughter.
My fam is pretty good at those last two.

& b/c you didn't quite see enough @lifeinmod Instagram #hometownvisit pics these past 2 weeks...

Ooooh, you are so welcome.


Now back to the daily grind. 
I am totally cool with it.

I have tons on my 'to-do' list- including working on le Pompon, cleaning up this blog a bit and housework. 
& go!

After another coffee, of course...

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