I got dressed & went out! CLTFW2012 re-cap.

Sep 17, 2012

-Carson & Co.-
-Susan, the designer behind Carson & Co. My fave collection. We ran into her in the parking garage!-
The night was grand, my friends.
It was full of people watching, design judging and photo opps.
Going as press made it super cool too...seats in the 2nd row! woop woop!

I was joined by my loverly friends Kallah & Alyson (photog I have been collaborating w/).
Without them the night would have been severely lacking. 
Fo sho.

We kept ourselves very busy judging and commenting on the designs. I mean, we had to...we were press ;).
Kallah & I also had a glass of wine which got us sufficiently giggly. Mommy light weights.
It actually led to this impromptu post-show parking garage vid...

I'm not sure why I am sharing this with you.
 I guess its a little look at the real me (or the real Kallah actually)...after one glass of wine.
You want to be our friends now, don't you?

I need to mention that even though our little profesh vid makes it seem as the whole thing was a design flop, there were two designers that were spot on- one being my fave, Carson & Co.
The fit, patterns and all around look of their collections were fresh and very wearable.
Charlotte, NC isn't exactly the fashion capitol of the world, so it was exciting to see designs that I would not be surprised at all to see in NYC.

I am so glad I attended. I almost changed my mind about going (10 bajillion times)

I will be sharing more soon...including my outfit!...
so look out ;).

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  1. hahahahahah OH NOOOOO not the video!!!! hahahahahaha I am dyinggggggg


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