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Sep 5, 2012

...because the studs for that Burberry inspired DIY are now lost in the mail. 
I am beginning to feel like I am not meant to complete it.
I must press on. I shall find studs and make it happen. 
Next week, lovies. Maybe.
If the studs don't spontaneously com-bust on me.

Anyways, here is some design inspiration I have found for helping me to put together our living room (the current project).

[sources:  1. 2. 3. ]

So there you go.

Cottage all the way over here in the D household.

I am realizing how much time & effort you need for one little home project.
It is exhausting! Not to mention, little Moo doesn't find it to be entertaining and wails at me when I attempt to start working on something. I have resorted to dancing and singing for her while I work.
It works for approx. 5 minutes. ;)

Little by little. Room by room.
One day it'll get there.

Yes, I coach myself to remain calm.

ps. kitchen reveal coming very soon!

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  1. LOVE that trunk coffee table!

  2. Love the cottage look, these are great inspirations! Best of luck tackling the projects :)


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