studded leather crossover bracelet DIY

Sep 26, 2012

With studs being worn by everyone and their mother right now...
I bring you another studded DIY. 
You're welcome.

This is a pretty simple one too.

the supplies:

leather band (Michaels)
thin leather lace (Hobby Lobby)
flat-back studs (Etsy)
craft glue (Hobby Lobby)

how-to do it: 

1) cut holes on each end of the leather band big enough for the leather lace to fit through
2) stud the band (any pattern you like!)
3) thread the leather lace through the holes

& then loop it around your hand and tie it...VOILA!
I had to play with mine just a tad in order to get the crossover look.


Now I am back to spending time with my dad and these Brits :).
See their arrival here.


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  1. super cute - love the mustard colored tie you added too!!


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