what's in my [diaper] Bag...

Sep 10, 2012

my [diaper] bag: 
timi & leslie

what's in it

Skinnygirl tinted moisturizer + plumping lip gloss  (my favorite lip care, by far)
thomaspaul day planner (I need to write things down. the iPhone just doesn't cut it)
Moo distractions (including a well-loved book)
Coastal.com cat eye glasses + sunnies

I remember when Moo was first born and I would pack her whole world into the diaper bag...even just to go to the grocery store. Haha.
Oh, frantic new motherhood ;).

So that's a little look into what I carry around.
What's in your bag?

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  1. love that diaper bag! i have the same one in mustard!


  2. Love the bag and how stylish it is.
    I have never seen Skinnygirl makeup! Will have to check it out!
    Ahh, love Pat The Bunny! :)

  3. Love that diaper bag. Need something that cute for myself :)


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