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Oct 31, 2012

I know, I's Halloween.
I am going against the grain here and sharing a holiday DIY. *gasp* Sooo early, Camille
Yeh, I'm pretty much a rebel.

I am starting a new series next week on LiM called {a Holiday DIY} which will feature budget-friendly fashion DIYs that will be a festive addition to your holiday season - family gatherings, parties or even as gifts!
Think of it as a favor. I am giving you a head start on all of the holiday madness! Hehhh.

the supplies:

ribbon- $3.99
2 bobby pins- free b/c I had some
felt- $.99
tacky glue- had some
wire cutters- had them

{Total cost: ~$5}

* I found everything at Hobby Lobby*



1. make two bows
2. cut two small strips of felt 
3. put two dollops of glue on each end of the felt strips
4. press the felt down onto the back of each bow, let dry
5. use wire cutters to cut off halfway down one side of each bobby pin
6. cut 4 strips of felt (big enough to cover the length of a bobby pin)
7. glue long side of bobby pin onto felt
8. glue the remaining 2 felt strips over the bobby pin, let dry
9. glue the short end of the bobby pin into the felt strip strip on the back of your bows, let dry...& wear!

 The detachable bows easily slip on or off the backs of many different shoe styles!


Who else will be showing off these bows on their shoes this coming holiday season?
Only you, that's who.

Stay tuned for the (proper) start of the Holiday DIY series next week!


  1. LOVE this cute and easy for Christmas parties :)
    Can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  2. love them! they look super cute and they're very easy to make. instant makeover!

  3. You always have the awesomest ideas, Camille!! These are so fun and perfect for this time of year!
    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


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