Rachel Zoe inspired Tassel-End necklace DIY.

Oct 17, 2012

This Rachel Zoe long tassel-end necklace is too good.
I die.
I have been wanting to check this one off  of my DIY 'to-do' list for so long it's...
So here it is and it's soooo super simple to complete.
I am definitely trying to fit in as many Rachel Zoe words here as possible. 

Obvi I didn't have 14-karat gold or Swarovski crystals, so I put my own little spin into this one...

the supplies

54" of chord/decorative trim
2 tassels
2 large beads 
(w/ holes big enough to thread tassel loop through)

*I found everything I needed at Hobby Lobby*



1. thread beads through tassel loops + glue in place
2. glue each end of the chord into the holes of each bead
3. let dry

* I realize now I need to clean-up the tassels a bit by snipping off the strays*

I can't even handle this right now.
Sorry. Just can't stop.
It think this necklace will be my new go-to statement piece.
Now I feel like watching episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project...!

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  1. so cute!! great job.


  2. nice work! and, i die over the post :)... were you at luckyfabb??? i was in love with that necklace of hers!


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