the Brit's visit//part 2

Oct 4, 2012

Ok, so sometimes I do over-load on pics.
I can't help it this time.
There are too many good ones.

We went to Childress Vineyard. It was raining. All day.
Although my dear hubs acted as if he would melt in it...the Brits live on rain, so it worked.
We sipped wine under the patio and giggled a lot.
This is what memories are made of, people. 

inappropriate, Camille.

We may have had some wine.
I'm not sure.
Well...minus dad b/c, "it gives me a headache". 
wah wah wahhh. ;)

We love them more than words can express.
I miss them too much. 
le sigh.

*looks around for more Cadbury chocolate*

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  1. Aw, thanks for sharing them with us! I love the picture of you and your husband.

  2. The winery is beautiful. Love that you enjoyed yourselves despite the rain!
    And love the photo of you in the doorway!!


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