Holiday diy: his + hers Monogrammed button-ups

Nov 21, 2012

Here's a perfect Christmas gift idea if you like giving something more personalized .
I grabbed one of Matt's festive plaid shirts out of the closet and then realized I have one too...

Know or have a man in your life that would appreciate a manly, yet personal Christmas gift...?

the supplies:
*iron-on monogram letters* // found @ Sana's Place on E-bay
his + her button-up shirts
iron (just a bit important;)
pressing cloth (I used a thin piece of fabric I had)


1. heat iron to 'cotton' setting, lay out item to be monogrammed on a towel (!) and proceed w/ ironing the surface of the spot where the letters will be 
2. place monogram letters in the exact spot you would like them (I had to rearrange them a few times)
3. place the pressing cloth over the letters and press iron onto the cloth  for 25 sec.
4. iron the inside of the shirt (underneath the ironed-on letters) and press for another 25 sec.
>REPEAT all steps for his<

I did place the monogram on the left cuff  for this one.
I think it is less assuming for a guy to have his a bit more understated...less in your face.
Maybe that's just me, but I know my husband would prefer it that way...maybe.
(sorry, husband if you didn't want any monogram action going on on your Christmas plaid. If so...woops! hehhhhh)

Next week's Holiday DIY involves arms, wood and paint...any guesses? 
It's a gooden. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. oooh I will definitely be trying this DIY soon. I hope you don't mind if I pin this to my board on Pinterest.


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