hat me / DIY: J.Crew inspired raw-edge straw hat

Apr 3, 2013

image via.

Yes, I did steal this DIY straw hat idea from J.Crew's 'Looks We Love'!!! I couldn't help it! There. *phew* It's out in the open. ;)
So anyways...I can't and won't take the credit for this idea, but what I did do is try it out for myself...and now I'm sharing the outcome with you. It was too easy. You have to try it. 

wide brimmed straw hat // $3 bins at Target! (loving them right now)
&...a head // yours, a friend's...maybe your mom's? 

1. mark where you would like your brim to start 
2. cut all the way around the hat- starting at your mark
3. pop it on your head and act all J.Crew-ish

I'll be wearing these babes on our glorious beach trip in July...it cannot come fast enough! 
Thanks for the idea, J.Crew. You da best. 

ps. I still (badly) need votes for the Wallis blogger ambassador competition...if you could spare one :). 


  1. Love this! I've been struggling with summer hats -- I love wide brimmed ones, but they just aren't practical -- they get blown off, or I have to contort my head to see underneath them.

    I was trying to decide if fedoras are over. Maybe I'll give this a try instead.

  2. Super cute! I am missing these $3 bins, however. Gotta keep my eyes peeled.

  3. What a great idea! I love it! They turned out adorable.


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