Maternityshmernity: J.Crew Edition

Apr 12, 2013

You know you really hit a nerve when VOGUE suddenly starts showcasing a few articles echoing your own "maternity wardrobe epiphany". Anna Wintour & Co still manage to stay relevantly aware of all grassroots trends, fashion and culturewise. This article was great, minus the caszh references to chokingly expensive designer labels. This other article  caused me to actually laugh out loud while reading, and then left me wanting to vomit. 

VOGUE's idea of "saving money" for your pregnancy wardrobe is, naturally, to spend $221 on non-maternity pants. And $4,000 on the handbag. Aware that I sound like a superbly arrogant ass, I have to say - I was unimpressed with their outfit ideas. 

I could do better. I did do better.

The next few posts in the series will showcase a few of my all-time favorite labels and how I am wearing them/making it work preggas. Starting with.... J.CREW!

(grey vintage cotton tank)

Why I Love J.Crew for Maternityshmernity Outfits:

1) Quality of the Fabric. This is key! Let's start with their Jersey. Shana over at Ain't No Mom Jeans perfectly shows the importance of quality fabric - its all in the drape! A really good Jersey Cotton will stretch beautifully, giving you ample room for comfort over your pregnant curves, but it will also drape well so that you don't look dumpy or figure-less. 

Black Kimono-sleeve Maxi 
Green strapless (old-  it was an "Amie" dress, this is the only one available this year. Mine doesn't have a drawstring waist, so don't know if that would work)
These two dresses I have included in my J.Crew lookbook here are both size Medium - but it works, not because I have some unrealistically perfect bod [I don't] but because they were not made cheaply

2) The Regularity of the Sales. The best part about both these dresses is I bought them on Final Sale. The green one I actually got two years ago (it looks nicer than clothes I get from Target after only two weeks) and it was around $20. It looks so much like a Hatch Collection dress, its just way way way way wayyyyy cheaper! And has the same amount of quality!

In fact, every item I have that I am using right now for my non-maternity-maternity closet was bought on super clearance. I haven't paid more than $20 for a top or $50 for a dress (and most of the normally $90 dresses were bought in the $20 range too!). Things just don't go on clearance like this if they have maternity labels. 

Yes, on sale they are the cost of full-price Target, but I find it to be worth every penny for how long they stay in my closet as favorites and staples. And withstand all the wear! (See point 1).

3) The Style. Oh the style! The most compliments I have gotten over what I'm wearing this pregnancy have been, predictably, when I'm in J.Crew. They are always so ahead of everyone else with their styles, and yet so timelessly classic, that you can wear things that are YEARS old and people will still ask you "Where did you get that?!"

My particular faves at the moment are the highlighter pink Vintage Cotton V-neck and the Graphic tee
Covering my pregnant butt are the maternity essentials - shorts. I cut up an old pair of bootcut maternity jeans (think they were from Target) for the denim shorts, and bought the white and black shorts from Old Navy during a promotion. I have my eye on a few GAP pairs too - those will probably be my next Maternity purchase! :)

Thanks to my ingenuity with these outfits, I've been able to stash aside a little extra for shoes. I am a shoe-fetish girl, so this is an instant happy boost for this preggas. 

the shoes:
Jack Roger's Navajo's
BR Wedges, similar

-Kallah at Being Open to Life


  1. She looks great!!! Those Vogue suggestions are insane, but Veronica ( I think that's the model's name in the first pic) looks great in that dress. It's so easy to take your favorite brands and make them work like your model is doing. :-)

  2. Hi!,
    She looks awesome!! I really loved the way she looks in those beautiful dressing. I can't wit to try it. Thanks for your informative post, it was a good read.

  3. Thanks so much for the feedback, Tia and Amy! Tia you are ROCKING the maternityshmernity concept over on your blog! keep it up!!

  4. These are GREAT options! I'm finding more items that are non-maternity lately, in an attempt to not spend a fortune on maternity clothes. These are perfect!


  5. kallah, you look incredible! pregnancy looks amazing on you! love all these looks - especially the teal dress! xoxo

  6. Thanks so much, Maria and Katie! Glad to hear y'all liked the outfits!!


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