5 Summer Style Staples

May 8, 2013

So...I started to think about what I actually pulled out of my closet to wear on the regular last summer- it surprised me how many times I wore the same things. It wasn't because I had severe style block or disliked my options...I just felt really good in those particular staples, so naturally I kept putting them back on day after day (I would just try to mix it up a bit by adding a different top, accessory or shoe).

Having those go-to items in your closet is like having a solid foundation- you can work your style up from them. Yeh, you're wearing the same chino shorts from yesterday, but today you wore them differently by adding a statement bauble and wedges. Ya catchin' my drift? I've put together my own little list of Summer Style Staples- they're the things I have realized I can't style without during those hot summer months. Maybe it'll help you to get more bang out of your summer wardrobe!
1. Yeh, those long-ish (not to be confused with mom shorts) shorts- comfy, forgiving and let's not forget cooooool. I found some at J.Crew (duh), Old Navy and  ASOS. You can even try cuffing them...if you're feeling a bit more dangerous than usual. 

2. Oh, Jack Rogers. I was skeptical at first, but you quickly made me believe. Ha. I do love them. I've found that they really are versatile- whether you're wearing shorts and tee or dressing it up a bit more with a  dress or skirt...Jacks do not disappoint. Yeh, you do spend a little bit of change on them, but it's worth it. They're comfy and sturdy. Mine are a year old and still going strong.

3. Maxi dresses. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles...which is awesome. It means no matter what body type or style you are, you are sure to find one that fits you well. FYI: the dress above...I have been stalking it for months waiting for it to be re-stocked. I must have eeeet. ps. this style would work on a mama-to-be! Here are some other options as well- Piperlime, GAP & ASOS.

4. A cross body bag is a lifesaver- for mamas and anyone on-the-go really. You'll want one that has a bit of room for all of the essentials...the teeny cell-phone size ones don't work (for me anyways). I still use the Target one I got about 3 years ago...love it. You'll find some here, here & here

5. My obsession with stripes may be why a striped top is included on this list. Maybe. They are that perfect summer top though! You can pair it with floral, dotted and even striped bottoms. I've worn mine with jean shorts, chinos, skirts and...I mean...anything. It's an essential. Found at: J.Crew, GAP and LOFT.

..& there you have it. If you have any other Summer staples, please do share! I'd like to hear...and I'm sure others would as well :). 

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  1. Those sandals are fab! And I'm definitely in need of a cross-body bag and more maxi dresses =)


  2. ahh, i can't wait to break out the maxi dresses. they're so cute, fun and EASY to wear and accessorize!
    awesome post! xoxox

  3. I love those aqua shorts! The J. Crew longer ones are my fav, I have a couple pairs that I bought at the end of the season last year and the year before. I do like cuffing them a bit :) A striped top and maxi are definite essentials too!


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