5 under 50: sunnies

Jul 2, 2013

f21 | h&m | target | asos | nordstrom 

I am currently looking for a new pair of sunnies for our upcoming beach trip (eeek!). A good, versatile pair is essential for the long, sunny days of Summer- I always grab them as I'm running out the door. I'm not one to spend a good chunk of change on sunglasses though. I tend to break or lose them too often...sooo...the more affordable the better! :)

My favorite from this 5 under $50 list is the first, round pair. I am thinking about it....hmmm. Which pair is your favorite?


  1. Love the ones from forever 21. I guess I should just bite the bullet and go back to wearing contacts so I can rock shades again!

  2. I LOVE those ones on the bottom from Nordies.. too cute!

  3. These are all so cute! I'd go with h&m!

  4. The first one got to be my favorite!

  5. those last ones are amazing...love the colors. i need new shades. mine are all junked up, lol!
    have a happy sunday, camille! xoxox


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