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Sep 18, 2013

I have been dying over the Loren Hope designs for a couple of years now...gorgeous. Just gorgeous. One day I will have a few of their pieces (or at least a cuff :). Right now I just can't justify the price, so I decided it was time to make something similar to accessorize with. I'm being way too kind to myself by saying my version is anywhere near the quality and look of the LH lovelies. Really, but I gave it a good stab!

brass cuff bracelet blanks
pyramid flat back studs
1 acrylic cushion back rhinestone
1 pronged settings
2 vintage art deco glass stones
E3000 glue - or something just as strong

1. glue studs onto one of your cuffs - any pattern you like! - let dry
2. glue acrylic rhinestone into the pronged settings, bend the prongs down to keep it in place & let dry
3. glue the rhinestone onto the middle of the remaining cuff, let dry
4. lastly, glue the glass stones onto each side & let dry

Ta-da! Two statement cuffs to wear and least until you can get your hands on some Loren Hope. ;)


  1. these are absolutely stunning! I love both. Great find with those emerald stones!

  2. These are perfect!!


  3. I think these are a wonderful budget friendly alternative, they really did turn out great Camille!

  4. Where can I get the prong settings? Your link doesn't bring me there. Should the prong be the same size as the rhinestone?


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