Fall & Wall

Sep 23, 2011

Dear Fall, I know its hard for you to manage here in North Carolina but I do appreciate you trying so hard recently. This past week it has been cooler, rainy and very close to Fall-ish. LOVE it.

It made me want to cuddle on the couch, drink tea and read a book. While I really did none of these (Madeline was not about to permit that) I was able to think about them and feel very Fall-y.

I picked up some ornamental Fall things at the grocery store today. It got me all excited and I rushed home to put it all together. Oh, the simple things have become so sweet recently!

 Little DIY project, for any of you who die for a quick, easy one. I just bought a bag of beans, the little pumpkin and gourds...I already had the glass & candle.  Put it all together & VOILA! You have brought Fall to your home. Kind of. Well, a tiny piece.

Oh! I was strictly window shopping with my good friend, let's call her K, and her Mr. Baby yesterday. We HAD to look in Anthropologie (b/c its the best, duh) and I found the coolest book. Recently I have been obsessed with uniquely decorated walls. This book called my name & I had to pick it up and take a look. A sneak peek for you, my dears...

 One day, one day I shall have walls that are so unique that people will "ooooo" and "aaaaaahh". Haha. Only joking, but I do hope I can have some of my own walls to decorate one day.

Fall, please stay with us. Actually, come back because I noticed today was a bit hot. Thanks.


  1. You should move to Canada then! Haha. The weather here is so FALL now! I want summer back. :)

  2. Thanks for now following my blog:) Here in Ohio it is full throttle fall. I am longing for summer still. Such is life.

    Love your centerpiece! How creative of you.

  3. love fall. Just wanted to let you know I added you to the blogs I love page on my site. I got my blog revamped. Let me know what you think:) Have a great day.

  4. i think NC is one of the best places to experience fall. the centerpiece you made is too cute! :)


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