Yummy Yummy in the Maddie's Tummy

Sep 21, 2011

My anxiety has been going through the roof recently. The reason being that I must return to work in about another month. Boo. Boo, boo & booooo.

While I would love to continue on in this Madeline centered world I have been living for the past 5 months, I believe its the right thing for me to return to that dreaded thing called a job.

I think what is making it even harder for me is that Madeline will not take a bottle. Now, when I say will not I REALLY mean will not. She thinks its a game at first, then gets frustrated and then screams at me like I am attempting to murder her with the contraption that is the bottle.

Hence the need to get her started on solids so that while I am away I will at least know she won't starve without her mama milk. Ooooh boy. I am still so anxious about it! AAAAHH.

 First taste of sweet potatoes. Like? Yes, I think we have a winner! One point for mama.

Mmmm yeh, it looks yummy on your face too.

Life is ever-changing. There is no doubt about that!


  1. Sorry you have to go back to work. I can't relate, seeing how Jackson has been on a bottle since July. Though he doesn't like a spoon, so right now no solids. It will all work out and she will take the bottle in time or move straight to the sippy cup. You could always try that. Love the pics.

  2. Love those pictures! I took so many of my youngest when he first started eating solids because his facial expressions were so darn funny. Sorry to hear your maternity leave is coming to an end:( And I can't relate to the bottle thing because both my boys took it right aways almost but I can imagine it's frustrating....hang in there and good luck!

  3. We had some problems when I tried giving our baby a bottle at first also. We learned that Ben does just fine with the bottle if someone else gives it to him and I am not around. Good luck with everything! Madeline is adorable.

  4. So funny :)
    I would be not so happy to have to go back to work when I'd have such a sweet face to look at...

  5. It is hard to go back to work esp. when you have that face to stare at! It will be okay. I had the same feelings as well. Our kids are the same age. Such.a cute age! I love the food pictues,adorable

  6. I can see why you don't want to leave her. What a cutie!

  7. Oh poor thing. I can relate. My daughter really never took a bottle, maybe when the stars aligned?

    Going back to work is not so much fun. I can imagine it would bring upon much anxiety when she won't take a bottle.

    At least when you get home you have a little darling who needs her momma, in more ways than one:)


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