Package From England

Sep 5, 2011

I love love love getting packages. I think the only thing better than that is getting one from overs seas.

We got a surprise package from my family over in England this past week. It was full of the cutest little sweaters for Maddie Moo Moo. My step-mum's mum knit all three of them! How wonderful is that?! I adore them. 

I know that these will be classic additions to Madeline's little wardrobe. I cannot wait to put them on her, whether they fit or not (ha). Rolling sleeves is perfectly acceptable when it comes to things as cute as this.


  1. aww so cute :) So sweet of your step-mum!

  2. What a cute surprise!! I think these gifts are so special they require a lot of time and effort. And it means so much to both people the person wearing it and the person who made it.

  3. So adorable and what great colors! I love surprises in the mail too!

  4. OH MY GOSH. Those are the cutest little sweaters EVER. Madeline is such a lucky girl! :)

  5. those are so precious!! she will look adorable in them!! ahh, don't you just want one in your size! ;)
    i love the little buttons too!
    too sweet!

  6. Those are so completely adorable...and special! What a lucky little girl ;)


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