Girl's Day

Oct 2, 2011

We had our Girl's Day in quaint Salisbury, NC yesterday. It was so nice to get out with Moody Moo, most of the sister-in-laws and NoNa. I love getting out and about as often as possible (otherwise I get morbidly depressed. I'm not even joking).

We had a chilly, Fall day here so it was a good excuse to snuggle up the Moo in one of her amazing sweaters from England (see post!) & new outfit that came with the cutest hat everrrrrr.

NoNa & the Moo
General Store

2 out of 4 sis-in-laws
Moo loves showing off her big girl skills.
Possible idea for wedding we are planning. Hmmmm.
Moo rode a horse!
"Ain't no thang, Mama"
Charming coffee shop. It may have taken 30 min for the barista to make our drinks, but my peppermint mocha was heaven in a styrofoam cup.
Madeline didn't want to miss a thing while we were out all day so she didn't nap which resulted in a horrific bed time scene (lasting about 2 hrs) and then we all woke up sick, sick, sick.

*tired, cheesy smile*

You just have to take the good with the bad some days!!!

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  1. She really is such a sweet looking baby! Sorry you all woke up sick, hope you're doing better. :)


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