Goodwell & KMS Hair Show 2011 {part 4-FINAL}

Oct 13, 2011

If you haven't seen my other posts about the modeling gig I got this past weekend, you'll want to take a look now! I had my first adventure away from the Moo *gasp*.

Like I said, I was crying to my husband Friday night (after I got the job at the audition) because I was so anxious about leaving little Moo for hours upon hours for the first time. My husband was great! He told me to be shush and just do it, because I needed to & wanted to (he's so tough on me). He was oh so right.

It was hard to be away the first day, but it got easier and easier and I found that I was enjoying myself immensely. Well, actually it never got any easier on my ta-tas...I breastfeed and could not pump during the day. It got RIDICULOUS. I escaped to the bathroom to hand express because I felt like my ta-tas were going to explode. Really. (sorry if this is TMI. I'm just keeping it real). I literally would have to sprint home at the end of the day and pump, nurse, repeat to catch up. Horrible mess that was.

Anyways, are the pics now that I am done rambling about something that you don't need to hear.

The hair room. We spent hours in here. Hours.
The new look (before being all glam-ified). [photograph courtesy of Mary Shrom]

In the process. I think I look like a boy here. Yay.

Crazy transformation, am I right?! [photograph courtesy of Mary Shrom]

Parts of the show.
After the show- exhausted. My mama curfew was 3 hrs before. [photograph courtesy of Mary Shrom]
All of us!
 After the ta-tas...oh goodness. Can you see it in my eyes?

I am so glad I had this experience to share with all of you! I must say, even though I had so much is so good to be back home with my Moo and darling hubs.

 Check out Goldwell & KMS to see how my hair got so FABulous.


  1. Wow! Congratulations! You are beautiful and make a great model. That's so cool that you got to do that. :)

  2. Congrats on getting the job. I totally know how you feel about the ta-tas. I think every mom knows how that feels. So not a good feeling. Hopefully that won't happen again;) And you looked GREAT!

  3. CONGRATS!! You are gorgeous! What a memorable experience.

  4. That's amazing! Glad you had fun.

  5. Very cool. I am way too short to ever model, but it's great that you had a baby and can still rock the runway. I love your short hair too.

  6. oh my gosh, that is so cool!! I love your hair and how they styled you!

    Lovely Little Rants

  7. this is SO COOL! I am so glad you found me so that i could now find this awesomness. Your hair looks fantastic!!


  8. That is fantastic!! Way to go mama! You looked amazing! Its always fun to get pampered too;)
    I can relate though...I have a hard time every leaving my babes for more than a few hours. And I laughed about the breastfeeding issue. I have been there my friend!

  9. Love the new cut! Looks really fabulous on you! You rock hot mama :)

  10. Love it! You are a rockstar :)

    Glad I found your blog today. It's great!


  11. So cool. Sorry to just be checking up on this now: it's awesome!
    Love the new hair too.


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