Pumpkin Patch. Yes, I have to.

Oct 17, 2011

Ok, so who doesn't post about their baby's first pumpkin patch trip? Its almost a right of passage, am I right?

Well, we went to a little pumpkin patch yesterday and no lie, every person there was a parent snapping pictures of their little bubs sitting around the pumpkins. They must have gotten the "mandatory pumpkin patch trip" memo as well.

Mr. M, my husband, kept telling me to move my arm...but I didn't want her to bump her little heady. Yes, still in first-time-over-the-top-mom mode.

Helping Da-da find our pumpkin.
We found it! Yay Moo! On a side note, I love my husband's arm muscles (haha, just had to say that).

 There, we did it. We got the pumkin patch pictures.

The hay ride was $8.50/person. Needless to say, we did not take part in that. I was a little let down by the whole thing, honestly. I wanted to go on a hay ride and let Maddie see all the animals at the petting zoo. Nope. You had to go on the hayride to see the animals. That's just wrong. Maybe next year we will find another place that doesn't charge an inordinate amount of money for a 5 min hay ride. I may be venting a little.

[On a side note, *ahem*...some of you may remember my newest blog venture, {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}. I have failed already. None of you yelled at me to get dressed! I promise to come through on this this week. Promise. I'll get dressed, gosh.]


  1. I went to my first pumpkin patch this year and can't wait to go back next year and get shots of my little girl! These are so cute. :)

  2. I love your hair and cute pics! That's so wrong that they charge that much! We go to an amusement park (for little kids) that has rides, hay rides, free pumpkins and decorating. It cost $20 to get in (which is really pricey), but I don't mind as much because it includes everything and we make a day out of it.

  3. aww, so glad you documented! Get dressed, woman!! haha can't wait to see some oufits :)

  4. what adorable pictures!! You are so cute!

  5. We don't have pumpkin patches around here... Not even fall decoration in most cases :) Only some people have pumpkins outside their houses and if they do, people will look really weird at the pumpkins haha!
    But I do love it! Maybe I'll be one of the crazy people once we've got our own house :)

  6. Such cute pictures. I can remember taking my babies to the pumpkin patch for the first time, so much fun.

  7. aww..you daughter is adorable and it looks like a fun day!

  8. such a darling, so cuuuute!
    Cheers to a wonderful season*


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