I'm not that into Halloween,...

Oct 31, 2011


these classic looking Halloween decorating ideas are too chic to pass up. I plan on decorating lots of  rooms & planning lots of parties once we find our dream home. Oh, it is so happening.

Have a blessed All Hallow's Eve. Be safe.

Of course I will post pictures later of our sweet Moo in her 1st costume b/c I know you are dyyyyinnnggg to see,...riiiiiiiiight?


  1. the pumpkins on the shelves with the trees is super cool!

  2. I agree the pumpkins on the shelves are very cool. Some people are just so clever. And of course we can't wait to see your baby girl in her costume. Holidays are so magical with kids.

  3. Even though your not really into Halloween, I hope you had a great weekend x


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