Baby Moo's 1st Halloween. Check!

Nov 1, 2011

I won't bore you with endless amounts of pictures that you can't possibly really want to see.

That being said, the proud Mama in me cannot and will not pass up the opportunity to post baby Moo's 1st Halloween costume pictures.

So, here you go...

Little Miss-it's-past-my-bedtime-Ducky.

Basically, I threw Moo into her costume at approximately 6 pm when I realized, "Oh, woops...its Halloween and we have a costume for her!". I obviously did not dress up (see picture), unless you want to pretend that its a "Tired Mama who only half tried to look human today".

Moo did not think the costume was cool as I was trying to put it over her head (currently one of her greatest fears is clothes covering her face). 

After an hour of cooing at her about how cute her little duckey self was, I took it off (resulting in more screams b/c it had to go past her face again).

We completed baby's 1st Halloween *cheers*.

How about you??


  1. What a sweet costume!! I didn't even try with a costume for my youngest this year. He wore his "monster PJs" while we made the rounds. haha!

  2. she looks adorable! too cute! proud parents!

  3. So so so cute!!! I love it!!! We were the Red Queen and Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland... we don't have kids... but our dog was a pig ;-)

  4. That is the cutest little ducky! Good for you for getting her in her costume. Our first year, we took our little one out but only made it to three houses before she screamed bloody murder and wanted out of her chicken costume. We did much better this year and made around the block! Thanks for your comment on my post.

  5. She's precious. So no trick or treating? Don't you know you get to keep all the candy?

  6. haha! you're cute! it's gets much more fun when they're the trick or treating age. your moo is too adorable!

  7. Moo is too cute!! i love how smiley she is.
    the third picture is so sweet...she's really focused on the pumpkin
    you make "tired mama" look GOOD!
    ps- i love your outfit in the post a few below!!!
    i have those reddish/coral earrings from Target. i plan on wearing em' this weekend. you and i have a target love connection going on...first the scarf, now the earrings :)
    hope you're having a wonderful week!

  8. She is so cute! I'm glad you had a fun Halloween.


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