8pm Fashion Fix{Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}

Nov 3, 2011

So maybe I didn't get dressed until approximately 8pm last night. Don't judge me. I did get it done! I may have been running around, putting this outfit together and pushing my husband out the door to snap pics...STILL! I got dressed.

I am currently switching my wardrobe from Summer to Fall/Winter clothes. It is actually such a fun activity because I get surprised with things I forgot I had as I rummage through boxes. I found a hat and poncho I bought a lonngggggg time ago and decided that I MUST use them for my weekly {Mod Mama Fashion Attempt}.

I actually transformed the poncho into an over-sized scarf by wrapping it around and yes...it worked. I think. Again, I am just now realizing what I put together in my hurried tizzy last night.

[Outfit: Hat- old Banana Republic, Top- Old Navy, Blazer- Banana Rep., Pants- JCREW, Belt- thrift store find (men's belt actually), Shoes- Steve Madden]

Newsboy meets Mama?...

It was one of my favorite movies back in the day.

If you haven't been following me since the beginning of all of this, you'll definitely want to go get caught up now...... {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}

Join me in this! It could be fun. Snag a button from the left and GET DRESSED.


  1. Wow, totally cute, I am not that great at putting outfits together but I love yours. I really like the color of your pants. I must say that come winter as soon as it's dark it's perfectly acceptable to put on p.j.s, even if it is only 5 pm.

  2. You totally rock the newsie look;) Those pants are sweet! I saw those on pinterest and have been wondering where they are from! Love the way you styled them.


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