Unique Inspirational Christmas Wreath Ideas

Nov 25, 2011

It's time for Christmas and all the goodies that come along with it! *little dance around the room*

I have been waiting for this moment since they started playing Christmas music on the radio a month ago. I refuse to listen to it until the day after Thanksgiving. Refuse. How do you get into a Christmas mood when you are supposed to be thinking of turkey and stuffing? It's not possible (for me, anyways).

That being said, it is now the day after Thanksgiving and I can listen to Christmas music, decorate our little home with green & red lovelies and bake yummy things! This is my favorite season. By far. 

This year I have challenged myself to make our Christmas wreath. 
I have promised myself that I will, so I must.
(or I will disappoint myself)
I found some unique inspirational DIY ideas and thought I would share them with you. 

I need to decide which one to attempt to put together myself.
I am leaning towards the last one on the right (the one with tags).
Oooooooh, Christmas.

Make sure to check back, b/c I will be sharing my Christmas Wreathe DIY project with you.
I hope that my attempts will be met with a win in the decorating department.
If not, sorry...it is my first try.

Oh, I am so getting into the Christmas spirit.


  1. I agree with the one you like. I think you would have the most success with that one. The ball ornament one is nice too, but from what I've heard from others that made that one was that it took a ton of balls and they were pricey. Can't wait to see the results!

  2. LOVE them!! I made a wreath and one door swag for Christmas decorations. It is wonderful Christmas spirit to say the least!

    Happy listening to the music!

  3. You are too cute! And how fun that I made myself the same promise - I am going to need to put forth some major effort to get my wreath done since little man is a total momma's boy and hardly lets me have a hands free moment. But - we can do it! I hope to be able to share my finished project, too! xo.

  4. i love this! i'll have to give it a whirl

  5. I love the ones with the pom poms, it looks like something I could actually do. They're all very festive and cute. Happy decorating.

  6. Please do share your finished project! I am in love with Christmas wreaths...done by others:)


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