Red Shoes {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}

Nov 10, 2011

I was in a dressy mood when I was looking through my closet for yet another {Mod Mama Fashion Attempt}. Maybe this look is a little much for a SAHM, but I don't care! I felt a bit like some high powered executive. It was almost thrilling. Hehhh.

The red shoes are my favorite part.

[Outfit: Necklace- locket from dad in England, Top- Marshalls, Skirt- VS, Shoes-Juicy Couture (off of E-bay)]
I am quite silly when it comes to posing and such. I do try. 

I'll probably die and go to heaven when I finally get my Canon EOS (a REAL camera) so that I can get some quality pictures...not like these. Eehhhhk.
Husband, are you reading this? *hint hint*

Oo. Those roots. They are going to make me cry. Don't they know I can't afford the up-keep?!


  1. SO CUTE! :) I LOVE the outfit!

    ...and I love the hint for a new, quality camera. I've been dropping them for about 5 months now! lol

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. love it! and the shoes are awesome. i love color and pops of color. i have a pair of very hideous red high heels...i bought them only bc a few yrs ago, my friend was having a "stripper-pole dancing" class at the beginning of her bachelorette party. lol
    i want a pair of nice red heels so bad, i admit, i've worn the "stripper" shoes out a few times lol
    lookin' good, always
    maria <3

  3. I like it!!! Very classy :)
    Great job!

  4. Christmas is coming up and he should be able to find some deals on camera. I actually think your camera did a good job as you look great. Love the red shoes. Even more that you got a good deal on them.

  5. I know what you mean about $$$ and those dang roots.
    Girl, if thats your mommy body... man.. I hope I'm half as lucky ;)

  6. im liking the new header! and the outfit is fierce. the shoes are adorable and by the way SAHMs are high powered attorney!


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