What I Honestly Wore Wednesday.

Nov 9, 2011

I found this wonderfully awesome idea over at Pamplemousse . Hey, I do a weekly post on actually trying to look good each week so why not NOT try as well? It is refreshingly honest...and a bit funny (considering the things I find myself in some days). 

I guess today isn't so bad. I guess it'll ease me into showing you my more frumpy side. Haha.

Yes, work out clothes is my outfit of choice for today. 
I used the bathroom to get a pic of the whole ensemble. Classyyyy.
Note the reflector on the side of my gym pants.
Oh, and you know that hair show I was in a while back where they made my hair super-mama-fly? Well, the roots are showing their ugly selves. I am starting to wonder how the heck I am going to maintain my fly self.


  1. I love to wear workout clothes even if I haven't worked out.

  2. Hilarious because I am wearing almost the EXACT same outfit today! (Only I have a fleece on top because I am FREEZING!)

  3. love it! nothing wrong wearing that,heck thats what I am in everyday I am at home with the kiddos. No reason to get dressed up when your sitting at home playing with the kids, they end up destroying what I wear anyway;)

  4. I love this post idea. I may have to join in one day, though I know I'll dress up a bit more when I know I'm going to do it. Guess that kinda defeats the purpose. :p


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