Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

Dec 7, 2011

*sung to the tune of 'Oh Christmas Tree'*
we trecked up a mountain to find youuu.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree
so sorry that we had to chop you down.

I've got mad lyric skills, don't I?

This past weekend we went to a tree farm in the mountains of North Carolina.
It was cold...should have brought a warmer coat.
AHEM, husband.
(he told me not to bother b/c it wouldn't be that cold)
We found our tree!
(not the one in the picture)
That was going to be our tree, but then we changed our minds...
and didn't get a pic of our real tree.
Just pretend it's the right one.

It's our first Christmas tree!
I liked being able to climb a mountain, search for the perfect tree and then cut it down.
Very memorable.
& cold.

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  1. Completely picturesque. My in-laws gave us a fake tree years ago so I can't really justify buying a real one even though I would love to.

    Your pictures turned out beautifully Stunning!


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