Quick Look{Mod Mama Fashion Attempt}

Dec 5, 2011

Due to very little one-on-one time with my hubs recently
aaannnd my return to work at night (bleh),
I have had to resort to snapping some pics of my own for this week's {Mod Mama Fashion Attempt}.

[Outfit: Necklace- the charm was actually part of a candle, so I put it on a chain and...necklace!, Over-sized sweater- ae (from Marshalls), Big watch- gift from long ago, doesn't even work (lol), Toothpick jeans- ae as well, Grey wedges- Target]

I just can't do pics w/o one silly expression.

I'm thinking the Moo & will do some Christmas errands today.
I like this look for outings...it's comfy and not trying too hard (but still chic with those wedges;).

I promise to have better pictures next week.
I think.
I'll try!

*just noticed how messy the background looks...ewww. lo siento*

ps. fun giveaway starts here tmrw. if you like pictures and creative projects...this one's for you!


  1. Love the necklace! Looks great with your outfit!

  2. that necklace is super pretty!

  3. i love the look..so chic and simple!

  4. This looks like an outfit I love to wear out and about. Those wedges are so cute! My sister has them in the yellow. So versatile!


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