the Sweater Dress- Two Looks {Mod Mama Fashion Attempt}

Dec 12, 2011

This week's {Mod Mama Fashion} Attempt:
the Sweater dress.
I have a love affair with them.
I can't get enough of dresses and I also like to stay warm when it's a tad chilly.
(even though NC has only recently gone below 60) Hard life. I know.
Sweater dress=chic coziness.

You can pair one with boots which makes them ULTRA-chic.
Win win.

I made this sweater dress work two looks
Drapey turtle-neck & shrug shoulders.
Those descriptions may make no real sense.
I may or may not look like a deranged housewife in that last one.

[Outfit: earrings- target, dress- banana repub (oldie), bracelets- f21, boots-DSW]


  1. Love this look! Have any ideas (or tips) for a sweater dress that just skims the midsection? All the ones I've tried tended to...ahem....accentuate my non-toned waist. haha!

  2. @ashley- I do INDEED :)! you want to wear a sweater dress that hit right above the waist line or at the waist. for example:


    does that help? :)


  3. That helps a lot! I'm loving the one from Overstock! Have you ever purchased clothing from them?

  4. Love the look! You are seriously gorgeous!


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