Cranberry Christmas Decorative DIYs

Dec 13, 2011

Most love to fill their home with festive decor during the Christmas season.
I know that I don't have the funds to splurge on all of the seasonal decorations I would like.
That's ok though, because...

DIYs are a unique and affordable way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home!
I've found some classic & simple ideas...
utilizing cranberries!

  • all you need is toothpicks, an assortment of foam balls & random glass, silver or wooden candlesticks...oh, and fresh cranberries (of course).
  • stick the cranberries all around the foam balls with toothpicks and place on top of candlesticks!
*I have found random candlesticks at consignment shops on several occasions (always ~$1)

  • you will need fresh cranberries, pearl-head pins and foam cones
  • pin the cranberries around the cones!
*craft stores carry the foam shapes
  • you will need fresh cranberries, various wooden beads  a needle and some sort of line (string, twine, etc)
  • string the berries and beads onto the line & drape the garland into loose swags over mantel, door...or anywhere you so desire!

Not store bought, but so beautiful...and...
a completely unique decoration made by you.

    I hope your Christmas season is already full of many blessings...
    and festive decor ;).

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    1. Those are amazing! We strung them last year with our popcorn to go on the tree, but I was afraid my Baby Doll would try to eat them this year! She is 14 months now and in to everything!

    2. I love the cranberry garland! thanks for sharing:)


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