DIY: men's tie headband

Jan 18, 2012

Here is the men's tie headband tutorial (as seen in the Mod closet)
Again, I am not into lengthy explanations.
As you will see...
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Simply darling, right?
I got so excited that it was so easy to make.
I wanted to make headbands out of all of my husband's ties!
I controlled myself.

Mod Mama tip: look for ties at thrift stores

*step #3 correction: RUFFLE first and then pin*
(if you need any further explanation on some of the steps, please comment or e-mail me!)


  1. So cute! And I'm sure your husband thanks you for your control. :)

    1. haha he actually laughed when i asked him if i could have another one of his "old" ones.

  2. Okay, the hubby has some pretty ghastly ties {from before we were married, of course}, but I actually think some of them will look cute like this! Thanks, Camille!:)

  3. what an amazing idea!! ohhh, steve has so many neat ties. i want to go steal all of them. *and learn how to sew ;)
    i love it on you!
    have a wonderful weekend <3

  4. I must try this. Not sure I can look as cute as you but it's just too cool not to try!

  5. I am absolutely in love with this headband!

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