the Mod closet: backwards cardigan + DIY tie headband

Jan 13, 2012

what i found in the closet:
diy men's tie headband (tutorial coming next week!)
turquoise vintage necklace (gift)
banana republic (old) cardigan (worn backwards: as seen in  latest 'How-to Style' post)
target block bracelet
ae jeggings
target faux suede wedges
timi & leslie diaper bag (wanted an excuse to show it off)  

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  1. Cute Headband! btw I love my timi and leslie diaper bag!!

    1. thanks, natalie! they are really great diaper bags...i wanted one that didn't say 'diaper bag'...ya know?

  2. Love the headband! Ive been wanting to make one. Have you seen the necktie neckaces you can make? Similar idea. Not a fan of the cardigan backwards, but as usual you look amazing in everything!

  3. Ah!!! Looking forward to that headband tutorial. My husband has as few ties from weddings that he'll never wear again that would be great for this. Love the bag btw!

  4. Can't wait for the tutorial. Love the headband!

  5. The infamous backwards cardi! Love it--you totally rocked this look!:) Excited for the DIY project next week!

  6. Love your blog!
    would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    /Malin @

  7. whoa, never thought about wearing a cardigan backwards but i kind of love it! and your bag is amazing, it's a diaper bag!?!? i want one!!

  8. This outfit is all kinds of fantastic.
    Tie headband? yes.
    Diaper bag/tote bag? yes.
    Cardigan bakwards? Brilliant.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. i LOVE the headband! great outfit.
    thank you for the comment on my blog! literally made my day.
    yay for Anna bringing us all together!

  10. I wore a cadri backwards to dinner the other night. My sister-in-law asked if I meant to put it on wrong. Haha! Live the look and really looking forward to the DIY headband tutorial.

    1. ha...hahaha! the husband asked me the same thing when he got home from work. hey! it gets people's attention.

  11. The backwards cardi is great, and I adore the headband and your hair!!

  12. That headband rocks! Looking good Camille....can't wait to see the tutorial!

  13. Added this to a blog post I wrote and cited you: Thank you for blogging some great crafts!


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