How-to Style: a worn-out wardrobe

Jan 11, 2012

A dear friend and I were recently talking about the all too frequent occurrence of the I-hate-all-of-my-clothes mood.
This is the feeling of being extremely bored with your wardrobe (ALL of your wardrobe).
You can't find anything to wear, don't like the outfits you try to put together, yada yada.
Yeh, that.

Like  me, you may not have the luxury of shopping for new outfits every time this mood hits.
So how do we fix this worn-out wardrobe problem without spending money (or much of it)?
Never fear...the Mod Mama is here!

How-to spruce up that wardrobe in 3 simple ways--
1) add a pop of color or patterned piece to a seemingly blah outfit:
examples- shoes, scarf, or jewelry 

UO, milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre & f21

2) incorporate one simple, statement piece into your outfit:
examples- shoes, headband or jacket

SM, pinterest & f21

     3) get creative & try something new with an item of clothing in your outfit:
    examples- cuff your pants, wear a cardigan backwards (attempting in this week's 'the Mod closet'), layer tops

    little yellow apple, Riches for Rags & Atlantic-Pacific

    basically, use what you've got to freshen up and style that worn-out wardrobe.
    you will start liking & even loving your clothes once again.


    1. Great tips! I'm in that blah stage right I was going to try something creative with garbage bags, but you've steered me in a safer direction...

    2. Just what I needed! School is starting up next week. Def need some ideas. I'M BORED!

    3. ohhhhh, i love the idea of wearing a cardigan backwards!! thanks for that awesome tip. for all of them, actually!
      i am cracking up bc i have a tendency to over-do it sometimes! and i know i do. i admit, i love "the nanny" and her crazy outfits!
      but you're so right...a big old rainbow is what the end result is. lol

      happy wednesday <3

    4. Love that idea to wear a cardigan backwards! I think I'll try that this week and see if it doesn't get me out of my clothes funk!:)

    5. i love these tips and especially that scarf!!


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