the Mod closet: ruffled button down + silver pencil skirt

Jan 27, 2012

Bad hair day.
what i found in the closet:
f21 headband (failed attempt to tame my crazy hairs)
Target cardigan
Banana Republic bracelets (oldies)
JCrew ruffle button down (thrifted)
Victoria Secret silver shimmery pencil skirt (part of a suit actually)
Target faux suede wedges

I'll be honest with you, I wasn't feeling the whole look this time.
It's my hair.
It threw off my groove.

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  1. You look awesome. :) Oh, and welcome to the club...I've had a bad hair WEEK. Yick.

  2. love those wedges and skirt!

  3. Actually - haha - I think the crazy hair makes the whole outfit. It keeps you looking artsy as opposed to prim ;)

  4. Super cute! Love that shimmery skirt! and everyone has those hair days--cute face in the last pic!:)

  5. your bad hair day looks good on you - i love it!
    you rock this look.
    the shimmery skirt and ruffled top are awesome together! <3
    have a wonderful, happy weekend! <3

    ps-love the new header! xoxo


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