Gone sick

Feb 22, 2012

I feel like I have been sick forever (maybe because I literally have been).

I am currently laying in bed, posting this from my phone (got to love the technology).

Instead of the usual, I thought I'd leave you with some fun, DIY inspiration that has my heart racing. I can't wait to get out of bed & try my hand at one...or all of them!

I plan on being very healthy and very creative for Friday's post...so look out!

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Location:My bed


  1. Feel better hun! If you feel like entering some giveaways, I have an Oscar flash giveaway kit tonight:)

    HOpe you feel good!

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon sweets! Moms don't have time to be sick or have anyone to relieve you so I know its tough!
    Thanks for the DIY round up of goodness!
    :) Anna

  3. Get better! Those DIYs look awesome..:)

    1. thanks! i feel so much better today.


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