the MOD Mamas of 2012: meet Haleigh

Feb 20, 2012

These are mamas with true style.
Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop looking and feeling your best.
These ladies are managing to still rock it with baby(s) in arm or following at the heels.
These posts are for your fashion inspiration.
Every mama needs to feel fabulous!

Hi! My name is Haleigh Forbes of A Forbes Life. I always have a baby in one hand, a diet coke and a camera in the other, and a husband standing beside me. My blog is just that: my life, my dreams; my good days, my bad days; my deep thoughts, my shallow thoughts; some snapshots and some creative writing to paint the picture. Oh, and I'm from Baltimore.

outfit (in picture):
Some of my favorite outfits mix chic with geek. I love the flow and pleats of this skirt from Anthropologie, mixed with the casual chambray top from Madewell. And yes those are Converses that I'm wearing. They will always be cool in my book. The belt is from South Moon Under and the necklaces are from Anthropologie and JMR. The sunglasses are my favorite. They are classic wayfarer with a little flare- floral green from Modcloth! And that's that!

my go-to outfit:
My go to outfit is some fun, fancy, bright colored top with my casual, black lululemon leggings with a pair of fabulous boots. Some lipstick, a pair of sunglasses and I'm good to go.

This geeky, chic mama has got it going on. 
Her style is a statement.
Not only that, she is from my home state of Maryland and that makes her all kinds of cool in my book. 
Find out more about this MOD mama over at A Forbes Life.

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  1. Love this outfit--chic mama, indeed!:)

  2. Haleigh the skirt is to die for! Beautiful outfit and baby couldn't be cuter!
    Fun to see you over here!


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