How-to Style: a DOWNTON ABBEY Look

Feb 1, 2012

If you're not watching Downton Abbey...
Well, I don't even know what to say.
You most definitely should be.

This mama is using every nap time as an opportunity to catch up on episodes.
I know that I am very sadly behind.
I am still in Season 1.
For shame.

This Spring season's trends of lace, long skirts, long dresses, and pops of color really work well with adding a little 1900's Downtown style.

3. Deco Pendant Necklace
4. Faux Fur Stole
5.Taki Mary Jane Pumps
1. Marble Fringed Earrings
2. Glittered Web Minaudiere
3. Shimmer Stone Knuckle Ring
4. Shannon Satin Platform Pumps
5. Floor Length Lace Dress
1. Silk Pintuck Blouse
2. Perfect Trouser Pants
3. Dark Shadows Gloves
4. Feather Headband
5. Mary Jane Pumps

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If this has piqued your interest you can find episodes of Downton Abbey at or Netflix.


  1. hahaha, don't you just LOVE Maggie Smith!!? Great looks, Camille!:)

  2. Thank you! Love. it. all.
    Patiently awaiting sunday already. no super bowl, just give me DA.

    1. Oh, you're welcome ;). I know...if my husband would agree...we'd be watching DA all Sunday.

  3. I'm super excited about this trend. I'm a huge DA fan, and LOVE everything they wear on there.

  4. How cute!
    I'm a huuuuuge fan of that show as well...and have to say, you MUST get to Season 2. Last Sunday broke my heart...but still left it hopeful ;) Love your blog by the way!
    ~Lurker turned follower about a month ago ;)

    1. I can't wait to get to season 2! i accidently started watching the whole series with episode 3, season 1...i was so lost. i then realized i wasn't on episode 1. Ohhh mama brain.

  5. i'm pretty sure i want every single thing on this page.
    as always, thank you for sharing! ahhh, i want to go on a shopping spree!! :)
    hope you're having a wonderful week!
    maria <3

  6. I hadn't ever heard too much about the show but they were very popular at the Golden Globes. I'll have to check it out one day :)


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