DIY & Design: color block leather bracelets

Mar 14, 2012

  Bright colors + pastel palettes + color blocking are everywhere this Spring!
I just had to do a fashion DIY that incorporated all three of them.
Had to.

I present to you... color block leather bracelets.

Additional tips:
supplies. I found all of them at Hobby LobbyMichael's 
Step 2. It may take some time and patience to make these holes. I recommend an X-acto knife or something very sharp (I used a paring knife. Haaaa. It was funny indeed...and by that I mean exasperating).
Step 3. I actually have no idea if the fastening pieces are in fact called "pins and docks" (I made it up:). 
If anyone has any real idea as to what they are called, I'd love to be corrected!
Step 4. You have to tie the ends in order for them to stay secure (on the inside side of the bracelet)

 I made two different ones using two leather straps and different colors- you can make as many as you want! Stack these babies!!

& the finished product....

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  1. Camille these turned out amazing.
    Such fun colors and I love the result!

  2. wonderful and nice idea! love the result. you
    are so creativ. i also have some diy's on my
    blog, hope you'll have a look.
    maren anita

    Please have a look at my GIVEAWAY:

    YSL lipstick & Nelly leather bracelet

  3. You're a clever one, they are beautiful, great job!

  4. Super-de-dooper cute! Love your fun and funky ideas that you share:)

  5. So cute! You have brilliant tips! LOVE!! It all looks so pretty. I wanted to tell you I am moving to wordpress next week- yikes- so I hope you continue following via rss or email:) I wouldn't want to miss seeing you:)

    1. Oh, I will most definitely be tracking you down over at wordpress ;) don't you even worry! I can't not keep up with one of my first readers and followers!!


  6. these are just SO awesome! i am not the best at crafting but i am so inspired to give these a try!! thank you so much for sharing the tutorial! they are gorgeous. i will let you know if i try my hand at em' in the next few weeks!

    maria <3

    1. Oh! I hope you do make them...share if you do!!!


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