the MOD closet: bright blue denim + color block leather bracelets

Mar 16, 2012

Spring into Style with color!

We were at the in-law's farm this past weekend. 
I call it a farm anyways, because they have horses, chickens, ducks and 10 dogs 
(ok, maybe not 10...but a lot).
There is something about the country that is so peaceful and charming.
It makes me feel like a country girl for a sec. (which I totally am not and never really could be. haha).

I was inspired to break out some bright Spring colors 
(I am completely over sweaters and anything winter wear).

closet finds: 

JCrew top (sale item)
Banana Republic cardigan (oldie from college)
really short Bright blue denim ($14.99, Marshalls)
Steve Madden braided Dolman flats 
color block leather bracelets (I made them! :) -- DIY tutorial here)

this outfit is linked w/:

Bright colors, floral patterns, & pastels...oh my! I will be breaking out some Spring looks for your inspiration  the entire month of March. 
Join me as we Spring into Style this month here at life in MOD.

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  1. You have the perfect model body, you look great in everything!

  2. ahh, i was excited to get to where you found your bracelets. you made them!! you are so talented. and they are so pretty and fun!
    i love all the pops of color in your spring outfit...and the relaxing.
    your photos are fabulous and you are beautiful.

    wishing you, mod papa, and moo a sweet weekend!
    thank you for all your thoughtful and sweet words of encouragement <3

  3. LOVE this outfit! now i just need to maternity-ize it and i'll be set!!! :)

  4. LOVING this outfit! So sweet and simple and perfect for Spring and I just adore the pops of colour! Beautiful!!!

  5. Okay skinnies were made for you chica.
    The blue are fantastic on you. And seriously need to make those bangles soon.
    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    x, Anna

    1. Oooo...if you do end up making them, make sure to show me!!


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