the MOD closet: pastel v-neck + relaxed chinos

Mar 2, 2012

-what the MOD mama found in the closet-

Target pastel v-neck t-shirt ($5!)
Forever 21 necklaces + bracelet
J Crew pastel relaxed chinos (on sale for $20- never do I ever buy JCrew at full price) 
Target skinny studded belt (cheap of course)
Steve Madden braided flats


I must mention that my dear friend, who is a mama as well, snapped these pictures for me.
I was telling her my woes of trying to take my own pictures and how boring and uninspiring it can be.
She came to the rescue!
Thank you, Kallah!!
(I know, I know...I wasn't supposed to mention that:)

I hope that these outfit posts serve as an inspiration for you (mama or not).
I think it is so important for ladies to always strive to look & feel pretty.
It doesn't need to be put on the back burner because of life, work or babies.
DO NOT GIVE UP on doing small things for YOURSELF.
You will only find that you are your better self when you do this.

I don't do these posts to show off my awesomeeeee wardrobe (ha) or to gloat about my amazingggg styling skills (double ha).
My whole purpose is to show you that I am getting dressed still...and so should you.


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  1. As we sit up north in the cold & snow, it is refreshing to see some beautiful Spring colors! Adorable outfit, can't wait til spring to copy it!

    1. That is one thing I can't complain about right now is the weather and being able to wear Spring clothes :).

  2. You look cute as always- your short sleeves make me excited for spring!

  3. As always you look great. And your baby girl is getting so big and cuter if that's possible.

  4. Ok however you did that awesome video, please do share:) I love your outfits as always.

    1. I definitely will share. Tmrw! :)


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