DIY & Design: Ombre Tulle Bow Belt Embellishment

May 16, 2012

That's a mouth full.

Something about it inspires my inner ballerina.
It brings me back to ballet class- the satin shoes, leotards, classical music...
It's just feminine.

Along with ombre, tulle flower belts are popping up all around.
I thought I'd give the trend my own little spin.

-Ombre Tulle Bow Belt Embellishment tutorial-
(even hard to type)

I wore it like this...

the supplies:
-3 varying shades of a certain color of tulle cut into 3 different sizes (s, m, l) w/ 4 layers of each
-elastic band (I would have used a nude color if I had found it)
-needle + thread
-skinny belt (I used one I already owned)

the steps:

1. fold the tulle over long-wise + make a stitch in the middle
2. fold the ends to meet in the middle, pinch the middle and stitch
-repeat with all three colors of tulle
3. stack all three bows on top of each other (the lighter one on top + darker on bottom)
4. cut & fold over a strip of tulle
5. wrap the strip around the middle of your bow & stitch
6. cut a small piece of elastic band & stitch it to the backside of your bow to make a loop
7. affix your bow onto your belt (push the belt through the elastic loop)

& you're done!

(I would call this a slightly harder DIY)

I would say the possibilities are endless with this bow.
Slip it onto a headband, pin to a t-shirt, etc!


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  1. You are so talented, what a darling DIY!

  2. I LOVE new look!! It is sooo you! Great job, Bobbi!!

  3. your new blog is beautiful and so clean and it.
    and the belt is gorgeous. you could open up your own boutique and people would go crazy.
    congratulations on the new site <3

  4. going to need to try this stat. how pretty!


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